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Basement Renovations in Richmond Hill

CANADA HOME INSULATION provides an easy process basement renovation service in Richmond Hill.

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Why Renovate Your Basement?

A basement renovation can seem like a daunting task on your own. But, with the help of CANADA HOME INSULATION, you can create an accommodating space that is moisture-free.

Basements are living spaces waiting to be used as kitchens, playrooms, or even an extra bedroom which you could rent out as an apartment. Why not invest in using your space to its fullest potential? 

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Moisture-Free Basements

At CANADA HOME INSULATION, basement renovations are a simple process.

We begin by framing the walls. After having marked out the sections of your new living space and built wooden skeletons to hold electrical wires and outlets, we add moisture proof insulation.

The insulation acts as a vapour barrier used to prevent moisture from building up in the basement and protect your walls.

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